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How Meth Damage Testing Works

We use the ID2 Meth Scanner from CDEX Inc. to detect the presence of meth residue in homes, buildings, furnishings, and objects. This handheld scanner emits a beam of light. When the light comes in contact with materials, it analyzes the color spectrum. When meth's unique color spectrum is detected, the scanner's gauge lights up and alerts the meth damage tester that meth has been detected.

Because this meth damage testing device works at the molecular level, trace amounts of meth can be detected. Even if the meth has been mixed with other substances, its molecules can be detected by this scanner. It is calibrated to detect meth residue at 1.5u per 100cm2. Results are instant. There's no need to send samples to a lab for analysis because the scanner immediately confirms or rules out the presence of meth's unique color signature, and therefore the presence of meth residue.

This meth scanner is typically used by the criminal justice system. Law enforcement agencies, courts, and prisons use it to detect the presence of meth. Public insurance adjusters, home inspectors, contractors, and litigation support service providers also use this technology to detect meth damage in homes and commercial properties due to concerns about the potential health hazards.

Using this technology makes our meth damage testing process fast, practical, and non-destructive. Contact us today to schedule an onsite meth test.