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Proving Meth Damage

Imagine your horror to discover that the nice couple you rented your home to turned out to be meth users – or worse – meth lab operators. In either case, not only is it shocking to be deceived in such a manner, it's also expensive. Meth damage cleanup is costly, and insurance companies often deny meth damage claims.

What if vandals break into your home or business and smoke meth, spewing toxic chemicals as a result? Insurance companies typically cover the obvious vandalism such as broken windows and graffiti, but it's doubtful that your insurance adjuster will test for meth residue. That's going to fall on your shoulders because when you get involved in an insurance claim, it is your responsibility to prove your losses.

Meth damage testing can prove that your home or commercial property has sustained meth damage. Many insurance attorneys and public insurance adjusters use meth damage testing to document the presence of meth as they pursue legal action.

Do you need help proving meth damage? Order meth damage testing today.