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Top 3 Signs of Hidden Meth Damage

Does your home have hidden meth damage? Impossible, you may think. It's in a great neighborhood, it's in pristine condition, and no one you know uses meth. However, do you know the home's complete history? Even if you're the original owner, if you've ever left your home vacant or under the care of a babysitter, house sitter, or even your own teenage kids, illicit meth smoking could have occurred without your knowledge.

What about a home you are considering buying? It too could be in a great neighborhood and appear to be in tip-top condition. But looks can be deceiving. While many states require disclosure of known meth labs, many labs are never discovered and busted by law enforcement in the first place. What's more, a house doesn't have to be the site of an actual meth lab in order to be affected by meth smoke damage. Meth users spewing toxic secondhand meth smoke can cause significant contamination.

So, if even pristine homes could be damaged by meth residue, what residential meth damage signs should prompt you to order meth damage testing? Below are the top three signs of hidden meth damage:

  • Unexplained health conditions – Are your kids constantly sick? Do family members complain of eye or skin irritation or suffer from respiratory ailments? Consider having your house tested for meth damage.
  • Chemical stains or burns – If you're considering buying or renting a new home and you notice chemical stains, burn marks, or smoke stains, it's time to find out why. If you're not satisfied with the answers given by the owner or agent, insist upon meth damage testing as a contingency to your offer.
  • Rumors – Many people learn about meth damage after hearing rumors about a home's previous occupants after moving in. A neighbor may express gratitude to have new or friendly neighbors compared to the past occupants. Others may flat out tell you that the previous occupants were meth heads.


In addition, keep your eyes out for other signs of potential meth use in a home such as removed smoke detectors, yellow discoloring, and strong chemical odors inside the home.

Listen to your neighbors – and your gut instinct – by scheduling meth damage testing today.