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Benefits of Meth Testing

The meth epidemic continues to affect America. Not only is meth ruining the lives of users and causing heartache among their loved ones, it leaves a nasty, toxic residue wherever it has been manufactured or smoked. Meth testing can confirm or deny the presence of meth in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, prisons, schools, and other buildings.

Some of the benefits of meth damage testing include:

  • Peace of mind – If you're losing sleep about the potential adverse health effects of meth residue in your home, a meth test can give you peace of mind. Even if the meth test indicates the presence of meth, you'll know which areas of the home need to be remediated.
  • Documented proof that the damage exists – If you're involved in a meth damage insurance claim or a meth damage lawsuit, meth testing from an impartial third party that follows all state and federal meth testing guidelines can provide the documentation you need to make your case.
  • Guidance – Should meth testing indicate meth damage in your home, your test results can provide you with guidance as to which areas to clean. For example, meth residue may be limited to a single bedroom. Rather than remediating the entire home, the meth testing process will show you which areas to concentrate your efforts on.

Meth testing can also be used in conjunction with commercial and residential vandalism claims. For example, meth users may occupy vacant homes or buildings. Some damage such as drug paraphernalia, broken beer bottles, and graffiti are easy to detect and document. However, meth residue is often not even considered by insurance adjusters. By having a meth damage test performed, you may be able to find hidden, and potentially toxic, meth damage that would have otherwise gone undetected.

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